How to Wear a Steampunk Dress

How to Wear a Steampunk Dress

Steampunk is a style, a lifestyle and a philosophy that incorporates technology and aesthetic design inspired by 19th century industrial steam powered machinery.

It’s a blend of Victorian styles with futurist elements based on what people believed the future could hold. This elegant fusion has become popular for both cosplay and everyday wear.


The corset is an important element of Steampunk fashion and can really bring forth the Victorian era’s look. It is a versatile piece that can be worn with many different outfits.

It can be worn under a dress for a more formal look, or it can be used over the top of the dress to enhance the overall design. You can find a wide variety of different styles and colours, with the most popular being browns and blacks, though if you want something a little more futuristic, there are corsets available in bright white as well.

Corsets are also a great way to improve posture and reduce back pain, so they’re not only stylish, but useful! They can be a key part of the Steampunk aesthetic, so make sure you choose the right one for your needs.


Gloves are a must have accessory for any Steampunk outfit. They will complete the look of a Victorian or Steampunk costume and add some flair to your overall ensemble.

Leather gloves are a popular choice for Steampunk fans, as they match the aesthetic of the clothing perfectly and will work well with any outfit. They come in many different styles including Victorian and Steampunk inspired designs.

In addition to gloves, a scarf is an essential accent to a Steampunk look. They can be found in earth tones or with vibrant patterns and prints.


A Steampunk vest or waistcoat is a must-have for any steampunk costume. Its design draws inspiration from 19th century Victorian clothing and industrial machinery.

It can be worn over a shirt, or under a long coat. It is often a key part of a steampunk costume for men, and can be worn with other elements like top hats, cravats and shirts.

This attractive coral/orange colored sleeveless vet style vest is double breasted and features two pockets near the chest area and two closer to the waist. Decorative silver buttons in two rows of four grace the front of the garment.

It is available in men’s sizes extra small through 3XL and can be tailor made. Its light tan color works well with black jackets or many other popular steampunk colors.


A steampunk dress is a combination of Victorian clothing and an industrial aesthetic. The rough, dusty industrial look is often accompanied by cogs, gears and other objects that add that post-apocalyptic touch to the outfit.

A waistcoat is another common element in a Steampunk costume. It can be colourful or simple. It can also be adorned with pins and patchwork.

Shoes are a great addition to a Steampunk costume. They are often made from leather, but can also be made of fabric or metal. They are usually worn with pants or skirts.

A Steampunk hat is another popular accessory in this subculture. It can be decorated with goggles, glasses or anything that reflects the overall Steampunk style.


A long Victorian skirt is a staple piece of clothing for Steampunk ladies. It is used to accent a laced top, corset or embellished shirt.

The skirt can also be worn with a pair of boots or shoes for a more rugged look. A petticoat is usually added to give it additional volume.

It is a very versatile piece of clothing which can be worn to portray different Steampunk themed characters like peasants, pirates or explorers from the era of industrial revolution.

These skirts are made of a mixture of polyester and polyamide and come with a self tie closure. They are perfect for cosplays and can be purchased on Amazon in different designs.

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